Rug, carpet, textile art, quilt and tapestry photography Specialties

Rugs and Textile Art

Ancient, antique and contemporary textiles are
photographed for museums, private collections,
galleries and artists.

Rugs and textiles of all sizes, conditions and ages are
arranged on "flats" and photographed from above. This method minimizes risk to fragile art, accommodates oversized pieces up to 35 feet in length and facilitates precise lighting control to illustrate surface textures and volume.

Tribal and Ethnographic Art Objects
Contemporary and Decorative Art
Paintings and Mixed Media Surfaces

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Photographer of rugs, carpets, textile art, quilts, tapestries, modern rugs

1. Konya Runner (detail), Turkey, 19th C (1st Q), 3.3 x 13.3 ft.
Peter Pap
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