Photographic illustration, design, proofing, prepress Studio

Studio Capabilities

We Shoot Art - Big and Small

Large, heavy and fragile flat art objects, including rugs and textiles up to 35 feet long and 25 feet wide, are photographed by a digital camera mounted above the art. Many large sculptural and architectural objects lend themselves to this method as well.

The large open studio area is ideal for shooting large sculpture and room-sized sets.

Multiple sets are available for volume production situations for smaller objects.

We Do Our Own Prepress

Post-capture color corrections and image adjustments, presentation prints and proofs for offset printing are made in-house by our staff.

We provide design and proofing services for art magazine ads and catalogs.

We maintain a best-practices color managed workflow from image capture through final file hand-off, insuring successful image purposing.

Handling Your Art


Advertising, catalog, brochure, photography and design

"Dad! Dad! It's Hali Baba. Do we take pictures of Flying Carpets?"
Self Promotion in Hali Magazine
(Floor set, shot from above on 8x10 film, 1995)

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