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Hajji Baba Club, New York City
de Young (Fine Arts Musuem of San Francisco)
The American Foundation for Textile Art
The Textile Musuem, Washington, D.C.

Arts of Asia Magazine
Berkeley Mills, East-West Furniture Design
Ed Hardy San Francisco
Editions Limited
Endless Knott Fine Tibetan Carpets
Hali Magazine, London, U.K.
Industrial Strength Professional Body Jewelry
Medallion Rug Gallery, San Francisco
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs
Rosemary Hallgarten
Collectors/Art Dealers/Artists

Christopher Alexander
Tony Anninos
Alice Beasley
Steve Berger, Arte Textil
James Blackmon Gallery
James D. Burns
Cathy Cootner
Claire B. Cotts
David Coulter
Robin Cowley
Judith Brick Freedman
Linda Gass
Guido Goldman
Ana Lisa Hedstrom
Mark Johnson Tribal Art
Susan Meller
Kurt Munkasci
Thomas Murray Asiatica–Ethnographica
Ron Nagle
Miriam Nathan-Roberts
Laura Paulini
Pusack Tribal Art
Marietta Sackler
Vicki Shiba Asian Art
Sharon and Sam Singer
J. Alper Smith
Naomi Teplow
Karen Urbanek
Kerry Vander Meer
Bob Wall
John T. Wertime
Sandra Whitman
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