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rugs, textiles, paintings, drawings, tribal art, jewelry, sculpture photography
Ikat, Silks of Central Asia,
The Guido Goldman Collection

Kate Fitz Gibbon and Andrew Hale, 1997
Winner of the George Wittenborn Award for the best art book of 1997, established by the Art Libraries Society of North America.
Animistic Art of Island Asia
Thomas Murray, 2008
Timbuktu to Tibet, Exotic Rugs and
Textiles from New York Collectors

Jon Thompson, 2007
Celebrating the 75th anniversary of New York's Hajji Baba Club

Between the Black Desert and the Red:
Turkmen Carpets from the Wiedersperg Collection
, M.H. de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
Robert Pinner and Murray L. Eiland, Jr. 1999
Art of Borneo
Mark A. Johnson, 2008
Russian Textiles, Printed Cloth
for the Bazaars of Central Asia

Susan Meller , 2007
Silk and Leather, Splendid Attire of 19th
Century Central Asia

The Textile Museum Exhibition in Honor of
Caroline McCoy-Jones
John Wertime, 2005
Ron Nagle, Obscure Objects of Desire
Gallery Pierre Marie Giraud, Belgium, 2008
Demons and Deities, Masks of the Himalayas, Asian Art, the Second
Hali Annual

Thomas Murray, 1995
Animal Myth and Magic, Images from Pre-Columbian Textiles
Vanessa Drake Moraga, 2005
Process = Pattern,The hand-dyed and Digitally Printed Textiles of
Ana Lisa Hedstrom

The Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery, University of Nebraska, 2004
Antique Rugs of Kurdistan
A Historical Legacy of Woven Art

James D. Burns, 2002
Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia
and Transcaucasia

John T. Wertime, 1998
A Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art, the Color and Geometry of Very Early Turkish Carpets
Christopher Alexander, 1993
Caucasian Carpets and Covers,
The Weaving Culture

Richard E. Wright and John T.Wertime, 1995
Baluch Tribal Weavings,
The Wisdom Collection

Gary A. Wisdom, 2008
Ron Nagle, A Survey Exhibition 1958-1993
Mills College Art Gallery, 1993
Berkeley Mills, East-West Furniture Design
(one of two photographers)
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